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Guardianship Assessments


Guardianship is a legal process to provide a substituted decision-maker for persons who cannot manage their own personal, medical, or financial affairs; a guardian is a mentor appointed by the court to make important decisions for a person not able to make these decisions for themselves. Guardianship can be an all-inclusive form of substituted decision making (wherein a guardian has complete legal rights to protect the person they’re overseeing), or it can establish parameters for other more limited types of civil incompetency determinations (for example, the guardian would only make decisions related specifically to finances, but not health).


This process involves a petition to probate court by an interested party (petitioner).  A mental health assessment must accompany the petitioner’s plea to the court. I can complete required mental health assessments for vulnerable adults or developmentally disabled adults in need of guardianship.


Substance Use Disorder Assessments


Substance use disorder assessments involve a series of questions which help identify warning signs of substance use. Some indicators may be frequency of use (i.e. daily, monthly, or yearly) or duration of use (i.e. how long use may have occurred). Substance use assessments explore a person’s personal history of substance use, health history, family history of substance use, age, and any current mental health disorders - all of which can contribute to a person’s risk of developing a substance use disorder.

I can complete substance use disorder assessments for you for your general use, if required by court, or if you are requesting a driver’s license reinstatement hearing with the Secretary of State Office.

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